Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

drinking water, i am...

it's past my parent's bedtime (this means: matt's time alone!).

i'm listening to sad music and dwelling on things i can't have (eternity). however, i did run into some old faces today.

eric underwood was sitting beneath the overhang of the rex club. he said to me, as i walked by during my evening stroll, "is that you, quinlan." the remark, posed as a question, was really a greeting... he knew it was me. eric, who has an endearing speech impediment (for example: he pronounces his name: ewik undulwood) is a person whom i have known for years. i stopped and decided to have a beer. inside the bar i found dustin white, a guy who grew up down the street from me. i believe he and his brother use to buy polly wogs from me in the summers of my youth. it took me all night to remember his name... but, the old cells came through for me once again! heather santos was also in the bar. when i was a young kid i played with her brother, david. one time a group of us were being a little rambunctious on my bed and heather ended up with a bloody nose. i swear she bled all over my room. i always thought she would be a cute woman, but i think i was wrong... old ray showed up too. I spent high school playing football and occasionally goofing off with his son, ty. justin, his youngest son became one of my better friends before i moved to utah. i've rarely see justin, but it is nice to hear that he is doing well. he is in long beach, attending diving school and at the top of his class. i'm proud of him...

i had a short talk with the bartender, scott.. who remembers me (which is nice, as i visit the bar only once, or perhaps twice a year). he's a vietnam vet... and is glad that the olympics are going to be in utah. i felt bad, because i only had three dollars. it was enough to cover the cost of the sierra nevada celebration ale, but not enough to leave a tip. i'm going back soon, however and will make up the lapse of etiquette.

today is Saturday. only a week left until i head home to utah. i'm not sure i am ready to be half way through my vacation. i need more time for expression. these people are important to me. i need them to know.
Tags: old friends, rex club
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