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Live Forever

I wish I could.

My grandmother had her 82 birthday today. I sat with her in the front room of my parent's house, as my father prepared dinner and my mother set the table. We talked about great-grand kids... She would like to hold one, but doubts that she will live to see the day. I told her that the idea of having children scares me. She said, "making kids is a hole lot of fun." I told her that "I can have a lot of fun without making kids!" "yes," she answered, "yes... you can have fun and still not make kids." My grandmother cracks me up. She is a beautiful woman.

I would love to be a father.

Why can't we live forever?

This is why some things are important to me now. I've lost that sense of immortality that carried me into the mid-twenties... I am a finite being, and time is running on my body. Bad things are going to happen before I am ready to deal with them.


I want the people I love to live forever.
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