Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

I bought the three piece series... actually, Donna gave it me and said that, "you're one of us." a nice gesture, really. She use to own a used bookstore on main street when I was a kid. My mother had an account there which allowed my brother and I to purchase any books we desired. I tried to buy the occasional Motley Crue record on my mother's account, but was always met with Donna's waving finger.

I remember when I bought Dr. Feelgood in '89. Willie, with my Ronald Regan punching doll, would extend it's arms in cadence with the roaring guitar intro of kickstart my heart. Ahh... high school memories.

Let's see: I saw Donna, my old boss Cindy Dodds, and Mrs. Purple (name given by Jeremy) aka Mary Little (formally known as Mary Peavihouse). Hugs from all, and I feel like a town hero.

Donna: what are you studying?
Me: a lot of things, actually... but, philosophy mostly
Donna to my mother: Oh, where did we go wrong???

Cindy: I hear you are doing so well
Me: well, see... you move 800 miles away from your parents to give the impression that you are doing well

Mary to my mother: I remember when Matt used to come over, build a snowman and then pee all over it... Those boys were so wild!!
Me: blushing.

I am currently getting drunk on a brandy egg-nog mix. It's the first time I've had a lot to drink since I've gotten here. I'm waiting for my mother's, "oh, my..." when she sees the bottle. Until next time...
Tags: yellow snowmen
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