Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

proud father

I'm sitting in the living room, checking my e-mail as my father entertains his best friend and his wife. I can overhear him telling the story of my great beer heist! He is a proud father, indeed.

I'm waiting for my mother to get home from running errands. She and I are going to Fall River to see Donna Caldwell (owner of one of the local papers). Apparently they recently ran a piece on the history of Burney. I would like to purchase the series and find out where I can get good sources for my own research on old Sam Burney... We're supposed to go to the museum also, but I fear that it is closed for the winter.

I'm going to take pictures of the Pit River along the way... The settlers named it "pit river" because of all the pits along the banks that were dug my the local natives and used as traps for big game.
Tags: intermountain history, mountain echo, pitt river
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