Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

I wonder if the Rex Club is going to be open Christmas Eve. It has to, simply has to... There is a sign on the door that says: the Rex Club will be closed Monday and Tuesday through the winter, or until further notice. Christmas Eve seems like it would be a big night for families (they serve dinner too). I'll have to find out. My friend, Scott, owns the damn place... it's time I go out and see some people. Scott and Kristi, Chata, Erin, Justin, Mike... whomever else. I like the bar because I always run into people who were on the fringe... people I wouldn't look up, but enjoy running into every year, or so. I need to see Ralph too...

I am looking forward to seeing Willie too... I need to go visit his parents. They've always been my second family.

I think my brother is amazing. He's such a beautiful person... While driving to redding today it occurred to me that he is the most sacred person I have ever had. He is the one person I have always loved unconditionally... I haven't always been the best person to him, but he has taught me a great deal about how I should treat people I love. Of course, I am a bit dense and somewhat slow to learn...lol. He always amazes me with his insight, wisdom and talents... I have always had this feeling that I did not belong in relationships, whether with my parents, or friends, or with girls whom I have dated... but I have always known that I belonged with my brother. It is strange, because, before today, I had never realized this (what I have always known) In all of my insecurities, I am completely comfortable with my brother.

He gives me hope and the experience that tells me I can let others close. I owe a lot to the beauty of my brother...
Tags: ode to thorn, rex club
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