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I was standing in front of a cooler in the local Holiday Grocery store last night. I like to look at the different micro-brews that are stocked. There are a few here that I haven't seen before and even more that I have seen, but never tried. As I was standing there, a guy who works at the store came out with a box full of beer... "hey, man. do you want to buy this box of beer for $10?" I looked at the box, not wanting to spend $10 on beer after I had earlier purchased two six packs, and said, "you know, I really don't drink coors-light... I think I'll pass." He looked down at the box and replied, "what if I take out all of the coors-light and charge you $5?" Stunned at the prospect of getting away with a lot of beer for a few dollars, I swallowed and said, "sure." He put the box down, went through the bottles, pulled four coors-light, gave me the box and told the cashier to charge me $5. In the box: 4 miller lite cans, 1 wine cooler, and about 40 various types of mirco-brews. $5 for 45 bottles of alcohol. I finally have great karma!
Tags: greatest beer score ever, holiday market, thorn
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