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Fuck. I am out of coffee. I wish Edric was around... he promised me a cup a couple of weeks ago, but has since vanished. I need to call the humanities office to get some sort of tab on his current location. Keep tabs, keep tabs... I'm turning into Big Brother. My shoulders are punishing me for all the damn stress I've allowed into my life. I am back here, behind these partition walls, pretending to be alone in this world, all the while performing magic yoga trick stretches to relieve the tension. It's not working and I think I may cry. Fortunately, and despite the mounting work that I have not been able to attend to, I have a fantastic plan for releasing energy this coming weekend. Jared, my roommate, and I are going to venture into the mountains in search of blue elderberries. We have a grand plan for brewing a blue-elderberry wheat beer. And, if we are fortunate enough to find an abundance of berries, then we will share our harvest with Sam Rushforth. I've met Sam before, but don't know him. He is the Dean of the School of Science and Health at UVSC and also writes an monthly article, with Scott Abbot, for Catalyst, a Utah magazine. Jared has done some work for Sam, and they both enjoy brewing beer. So, there is the connection. "Mmmm," as Homer so articulately emphasizes, "beer..." Well, I am off to class.
Tags: coffee, homebrewing, yoga uvsc
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