Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Good Times

We've got it, don't we?

So, here I am. End of the day and exhausted as usual. Stairmaster for 90 minutes, burned 2369 calories... that's a lot of F'ing work. Time tried to stop on me as I was going, going, going... I looked down at the little timer, lifted my head, swore under my breath, thought about the origin of the universe (what do you think about when you are working out?), looked back down much, much later and only a second had come off my timer. Good Damn! Oh, I thought I was going to die.

Why do I torture myself nightly? Because I really, really feel good. Yes, my body feels like shit, but my mind is clear... i am hopeful and high.

I am leaving for California early Saturday. My parents remodeled the house I grew up in. They now have a jacuzzi tub... oh... oh... oh... They kicked me out when I was younger (no hard feelings, it really was time for me to go), now I'm moving back in (and kicking my parents out!) I told my mother this, she thought I was funny. I can't even be serious about that... it would break their hearts. Damn! I want that tub.

Going home... going to get sleep (and sleep in!)

Tags: christmas, home, mom and dad, remodel, sleep, stairmaster
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