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I resumed making public old posts.  I have made it through April 5th, 2002.

I found this gem in a post from April 2nd of that year: "Sometimes, I still believe that I'm the smartest person in the world. Then, after six beers I find myself walking home from Jason's house with my coat on inside out. Fuck."

There's so much I miss about that era.  The apartment Jared and I shared and how close it was to Jason, Allen, Chris and Jane.  How it was within walking distance of Juice N Java and ABG's.  How Marko and Jeanee weren't much further.  How Havalah, Megan and Allen lived across the street from the Fagg's in a house they fondly referred to as "The Hud."  How The Hud had the tiniest hot tub in the world and we would play truth or dare while smashing five, or six bodies into it.

There were certainly difficult times for me too.  But damn if I don't miss those days.  I do.
Tags: provo crew, the hud, yesteryear
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