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i bought a laptop from katie a couple of years ago when i was taking my comptia network+ class and had a novice's interest in network security.  i had removed windows from the laptop and installed kali linux, but the operating system caused the screen to flash white constantly and i couldn't find a "fix" for the issue.

i then tried installing ubuntu, but had the same results and i shelved the laptop.

i recently renewed my interest in linux operating systems because of my job change and thought that i would dust off the laptop again.  i chose to install linux mint yesterday and wasn't surprised when the screen still had the disco strobe flash of white.  i did a little research and found a nice sudo command for updating and installing nvidia drivers:
sudo apt-get date
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-settings

problem fixed!

since all linux based operating systems that i know of use sudo commands, i am sure that this specific command would resolve my issue whether using kali, ubuntu or any other distribution of linux.  I just had to have the right google search parameters to find my fix.
Tags: kali, katie, linux, mint linux, nvidia, ubuntu
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