Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Have you ever been stuck in Madeline, California?  I am.  My tire went flat driving from Ash Valley to Alturas and so here I wait on roadside assistance.  I was aware that this truck did not have a spare tire, and now I regret not doing something about it prior to this adventure.  I haven’t much to do, as I sit here waiting for the mobile tire repair person, so I’ll write a little about Madeline.

There are a couple of goats frolicking in the February sun, rolling on their backs in the grass and playfully chasing each other about.  There are about 10 to 15 buildings here and I have found two secure Wifi routers (cavemate and EAT MY DICK).  I expected password, or 12345678 to work for one of the two, but no… and I’ll quit trying.  The local mountains, covered with juniper trees, sagebrush and a little snow are the best Madeline has to offer, and even then, the these mountains are underwhelming.  As far as I can tell, the local goats are the grooviest part of Madeline.

Though, there is an old wooden sign 30 yards in front of me pointing towards Clark Valley and Nevada Highway 81.  When things in life settle, I might take my wife, kid and dogs on a little road trip to discover the secrets east of Madeline.

North east of here, about an hour’s drive from where I sit,  are the Warner Mountains.  The South Warner Wilderness area is one of my favorite places in Northern California to backpack.  If it weren’t for the horse people who regularly leave their garbage at Patterson Lake, it would be my favorite place to backpack in said area.   But horse people litter (allot) and so it’s not.

Sleep didn’t come easily to me last night.  I guess I’m too excited about the nearness of being a dad to rest well.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Marie goes into labor today, being stranded over two hours from home and all…

I think I’m going to close my eyes and rest while waiting.  I still have a long day ahead of me (snowcat trip up Likely Mountian to look at microwave radio equipment).

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