Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i'm staring into a sea of communication machines, humming and churning data from the middle of nowhere to the far reaches of the planet.  i didn't sleep well last night. the sum of too big an afternoon nap followed by a healthy dose of joe and a mind a little less idle than it should be in the late hours of the night is exhaustion.

wtq's due date is 11 days.  the dr. will not allow him to go over two days past due, so i sit here at 13 days or less.

wtq.  WTQ.  i think we have the coolest of cool names picked out for our little dude.  it's unusual, but not unknowable.  the wife gave me permission to name him after my brother, but after a considerable amount of meditation on the matter, i decided to go in another direction.  T will not be for Thorn.  i'm sure he would understand...

marie and i were supposed to keep the name a secret, but she confided in a friend.  i'm not telling a soul, however...

that's all i have.  i'm tired.
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