Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

15 Days Until Estimated Delivery


I’m trying to quickly finish the morning’s pot.  I’m working Saturdays until WTQ is born.  The Saturday shift frees up a day during the week to accompany Marie to our Dr.’s  Appointments during the week (since I’m saving all of my PTO for baby bonding and a Utah trip later in the year).  Marie tried to self-induce labor yesterday by thoroughly cleaning house, and being more active than usual.  While she was cleaning, I was traveling over the pass to a project for work and came upon a collision on the highway.  It was snowing heavily, there was four inches of snow on the road and a 15 minute wait to get past the accident.  I texted Marie, “the mountain is a mess, and I’m held up at a traffic stop for a big accident.  DO NOT go into labor today.”  She texted back, “ok.”

Instructions must have worked, as we’re still on hold.


Almost finished with the pot, time to head on down the road.
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