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i haven't been backpacking this winter.  i usually make a trip, whether by boot or snowshoe, every january.  i passed on making a trip this winter to stay close at home and to marie.  the picture in this post, from last july, is at hufford lake in thousand lakes wilderness.  it was aiyah's first backpacking trip, and the first in 7 years where i didn't take coltrane (not counting my various trips into glacier national park, where dogs are not allowed on trail).  i'm curious as to how marie and i will feel about backpacking with a baby.  i know that we are planning on taking him this summer, but i also know that life as new parents will change how we see and do things.

i took the dogs out on my mountain bike ride today.  it was the second ride in two days following 7 months of inactivity and my ass is killing me (bicycle ass is not pleasant).  i rode only 2.6 miles, which won't get me close to my 70 mile a week average that i had going last year, but it's a start.   i probably will not have an opportunity to ride tomorrow as marie and i have an appointment with the doctor in redding.  that trip will effectively kill the day.  but, if this weather holds, i plan on riding a bit before and to work each morning going forward.

that's it.  that's all i have.  time to wander in for dinner.
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