Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Livejournal's user ranking list is somewhat baffling to me. I haven't used LJ regularly in so long, but still I'm in 7011th place (all time) and climbing. It seems odd for me to be so high on the list...

I rode my mountain bike for the first time in over half a year today. It was a fun, albeit short trip on the outskirts of town (and with the dogs)! I had never bothered riding with my dogs, mostly because they take the most unpredictable route and are quite fast (dalmatians). I have always envisioned myself bowling over a dog, flying ass over teakettle into a tree and off to the hospital with a mortally wounded dog to boot. They did splendidly well, however (only almost hit one once) and I might take them out again tomorrow.

The wife is short-term with baby. We ran an errand today, took a side road into the woods and walked around a bit. She's exhausted now, in the house with her feet up and the boob-tube on. I'm sipping water, listening to John Coltrane and writing (if you want to call this writing). We're less than three weeks until our baby's due date. I'm excited to meet our little dude.

I've not had a sip of alcohol in 44 days, but have gained five pounds. I found a collector's edition of The Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey at Costco last week. Three bottles (12, 15 and 18 year) for $130. I bought them to replenish the stock at Scott's bar and plan on giving my liver a good dose once our little one is here and we are all settled in as family. Apparently, my waist appreciates a little booze to keep the weight down.

I paid LJ today. $20 for a paid account for the year. I'm hoping a paid account keeps me active here. We'll see.

That's it. That's all I have for today. Cheers LiveJournal.

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