Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,


i remember writing here without the use of capitol letters, though i can't recall why.  i believe there was a reason beyond laziness, though.  i find there to be a certain aesthetic appeal in not using them, so today i'll refrain from their application.
i've been working a lot lately and marie has quietly been unhappy about it.  a comment here, or there and her body language are enough to know.  we're entering the last month of pregnancy, and she is quite uncomfortable, unable to rest easily and therefore exhausted most of the time.  she reads a lot, and watches a little television while the dogs pester her relentlessly (they're bored too).  i'm hoping the overtime tapers off a little for the rest of the month, as i would like to attend to her as much as possible.
having said that, i have a long drive to complete before calling it a day.  off to ash valley, then back to burney (a mere 110 miles of travel left to my day - many of which are on a dirt road).  here's too working in the middle of nowhere!
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