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The Sobering Reality of Being Sober

I have not had a drink since New Year's Eve. That is 28 days for those who count such things. Interestingly enough, giving up the drink was not born from the tradition of resolutions. My intentions revolve around a pregnant wife who loves beer, wine and spirits as much, if not more so than I. Were I a better husband, I would have offered support and solidarity to the cause of pregnancy by choosing not to drink in July. A better husband I am not and, with blessings from my wife, I continued to drink happily through the summer, fall and holiday seasons (the latter being my favorite time for a beer). With a baby's due date quickly approaching (March 6), I chose January 1st as a convenient day to give up drinking alcohol. This is not a huge change to my yearly traditions, mind you... I usually take a month, or so off from consuming loaded beverages around New Year's anyway. I use the time to assess whether or not I have a need for alcohol. That, and the season of dark beers usually overwhelms my palette, and my body requires a few weeks of only water (and coffee. God knows I NEED coffee). I haven't experienced any cravings - aside from thinking a glass of wine would be nice when listening to Coltrane's, "A Love Supreme." So, I'm standing by my sober, pregnant wife - in solidarity, until the baby is born (or a few weeks afterwards).
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