Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

It's been a while.  Above all other social networking platforms, LiveJournal has always been my favorite.  Most of my LJ friends have drifted away; lost in the universe, on other-easier and more convienient platforms, or just quietly lurking out there and out of sight.  I wish I could make the time to stay active here.  I miss it.

I've a few minutes before I shower, pack up and check out of this hotel (I'm in Elk Grove, California).  I've been taking a CompTIA class on Networking (Network+, to be exact).  850 pages of shit I've fooled around with for years, but never really understood.  My short-term memory is flooded with Acronyms, TCP and UDP ports, definitions, OS commands and networking protocols.  Class ended yesterday, so I've been studying since.  I've taken a bunch of practice tests and have passed all of them.  Still, with so much new information packed into my little brain in such a short time, I am suffering from a tremendous amount of test anxiety.   98 questions: passing is 80 percent or better.

So, that's what is on my mind.  I hate testing and I miss LJ.  Needing a distraction to rest my brain, I thought a quick drop in would be nice.  I'll be back in Elk Grove in mid July for Voip training.  Perhaps I'll find the time to drop back in and say hello.

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