Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

On the trail...

Me, Booper and the wild back country of Glacier National Park.  September 2010.

God, I am jonesing for the trail.  Scott, Marie and I took some time two weekends ago to hike into Thousand Lakes Wilderness to see if the snow was gone.  It wasn't, but the trail is passable.  So, I'm gathering up the dog this weekend and heading up the mountain for a night or two.  It'll be my first backpacking trip of the year (wedding and weather put backpacking on the back burner for the first part of this year).  A few days later, Marie and I will load up our packs and head for the Lost Coast for four days of hiking and three nights of sleeping on the beach. 

Backpacking season is open, and I couldn't be more ready!

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