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I am not one to hold grudges, however the current tax system infuriates me to the point of equating the formality of filling out the paper work to ripping one's fingernails from the matrix un' guis.  My resentment towards the yearly filing ritual coupled with a paperwork snafu in 2006 with the state of Utah had further cemented my disdain for the entire process.  So much so, that since 2006, I had refused to do my taxes...

Last year, the love of my life and I agreed to celebrate our commitment to each other with a wedding ceremony.  Her only stipulation being that I was required to file all past taxes as well as the current year (2010) before our wedding.   I agreed to file all of my taxes and a June wedding date, which would later be changed to April 23rd, was set.  

Now, do to the fact that I am a stubborn, pigheaded fool, I waited until the last possible day to begin and complete all of the necessary paperwork (April 18th).  And, what I thought would be a couple of hours of 1040EZ work, turned into a multitude of different forms necessary for multiple financial maneuvers made in the past few years that I had inconveniently forgotten about.  A peaceful morning listening to John Coltrane in the office quickly transformed into a frantic, nail pulling, self-loathing exercise of realizing that I can't always just put shit off until the last second.  I suffered more greatly on that day than if I had simply swallowed my pride and attended to my tax duties in the proper, timely matter.

After an extended period of languishing in tax-hell, I collected the federal and state forms into 8 separate envelopes and mailed them off with the hope that my calculations would be correct.  If they were, I would be due a few hundred dollars for each year...

Yesterday, exactly five weeks from the day I mailed my paperwork in, I received three of the four expected refunds.  The first two were exactly what I had anticipated, but the third was not.  The government had corrected the filing in my favor!  About $1400 dollars more than I had expected!   Enough to replace/upgrade my Nikon D40X, which was regretfully destroyed on my honeymoon (do not leave your camera on top of the car, the road does not act kindly to plastic and glass at 50 miles an hour) with a Nikon D7000!

After all of these years, I am elated to have a little good-tax karma.  And, the fact that I will be filing jointly with Marie in the future is nice too, as she has agreed to do all of our future taxes.  
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