Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Coffee... Strong coffee, indeed.

It's almost three and most certainly will be by the time I post this. There are a lot of beautiful women in this world, and only one of me... what a pity.

Willie sent me a link to a job post at Sonoma State University. The job is essentially the same as what I have here, only it pays much more. I forwarded the link to my boss, and asked her why we don't have a comparable salary... evidently Utahns are just cheap. I think (just for kicks) I may apply for the job. It can't hurt... but the desert, the desert. How I would miss the desert of Southern Utah. And the Wasatch mountains are so delicious... But, how I long for California... I moved out here six and a half years ago and feel like I've been raised by both places. How can I give one up for the other? God, I need to go camping.
Tags: beautiful women, california, coffee, library jobs, love of utah, utah
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