Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Mmmm... I want warm, alcoholic drinks...

I'm wearing a turtle neck sweater today and (because of it) am feeling a bit festive. I want to go ice-skating, or for a quite walk with a beautiful girl. I want to hold hands and say silly things. I want to go to a party and laugh with friends while drinking butter rum (or something of the like).

I love brown eyes. Brown is warm, and earthy... I think I can trust brown. Maybe Van Morrison has had something to do with this? I don't know. *sigh,* yes, I am enamored with brown eyes for the moment.

Turtle neck?? I feel so gap.

Cute girls are young... I want a woman, (are you ready for an 80's butt rock reference?) not some little girl. Tell me if you know where that came from?

I received an email from Willie this morning. Splendid timing, too. I had thought about him over the weekend... and was planning on calling his mother, to see if he was still alive! He wrote something I find incredibly interesting:

"You shouldn't have sent me the link to your online
journal...Instead of writing you back, I read, and
read, and read. I was reminded of our time in Mrs.
Schmidt's class and our daily writing assignments. It
is somewhat strange, but not surprising, how many of
the same themes (nature, music, women, not
understanding women, etc.) still apply many years

As different as I feel I am now, as opposed to that person I was over a decade ago, I really am the same awkward kid. Oh, God... it's almost too funny.

I've got to get back to work...

I've got to make a pot of coffee...

hmmm. work, or coffee? coffee, or work?

Tags: brown eyes, coffee, willie, women
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