Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Stopped by work on the way home from Wickenden's. I must get out of here before people start showing up. The company over coffee was great this morning (as usual) even if an apologetic Biloba showed late. He brought a peace offering, however... a black turtle neck sweater (and I think I actually like it). I had a great time getting my ass kicked by d. at ping-pong.

It's overcast today, and snow is in the forecast. Good. Good.

Only six days until takeoff. I miss Northern California. It will be nice to see family and old friends. I miss the mountains that raised me. I've been working on Thorn... (four beers, now! Four beers?) Our's is a family that lacks tradition... it's something that I regret. Thorn and I have, in the last two, or three years, gone out drinking Christmas Eve. That's the only tradition I have (and I value it greatly). I've wondered if getting a bit toasted over Christmas dinner would be a wise thing. It may not be a popular choice with my mother... but God, would it be so much fun!
Tags: allen, christmas tradtitions, coffee, don, northern california, ping pong, thorn
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