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This was written last night, at 11:50, but for some reason it did not get posted.

I only had 50 minutes to step on the stairmaster this evening. I burned 1349 calories.

I also did 50 sit ups. The bench was set at a steeper incline than I am used to (by my design). I think there may be little abs in there. Maybe, someday, we'll see the bashful little fellows.

My weight was at 239 this morning. I'm not losing weight as fast as I was, but (and I hope) that is because I am building a little bit of muscle. I should do body fat percentage tests... but I don't know how. My legs are definitely taking a more muscular tone.

I had a chance to chat with my brother this evening. The short conversation reminded me that I am alive, and well... and well. I can't wait to see him. He's agreed to three beers. Here's to four!
Tags: beers, stairmaster, thorn
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