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I thought that waking to Bing Crosby would be nice and warm. Six-twenty in the morning... Chestnuts roasting on an open.... -snooze- -snooze- -snooze-... seven fifteen in the morning... Chaos.

Late for work (again).

Didn't have time to walk for coffee... I had to crash through the shop in a frenzied hurry. "I need two shots. Two. Two!!"

Ahh... Juice and Java employees are so kind to me. Even if Candice doesn't like me... she tolerates me and pretends to be happy to see me. However, it is obvious that (at times) I rub her wrong. For instance, the other day, I reported to her that I had gone out Sunday and cut a Pagan tree for Christmas. She just stood there, looking at me with a disgusted look... "what's a pagan tree?" "Uh... a Christmas tree... same thing, only for pagans!" End of conversation. She wouldn't talk to me after that, and her body language was uncomfortable at best. It seems really strange, as Christmas is an ultra-pagan holiday. I understand that even the traditional Christmas tree may come from ancient pagan traditions in which the tree was revered as a holy symbol. We are intertwined in a dynamic web... there's room for every one, even pagan-Christmas celebrations - don't you think?

So, am I Christian? Am I Buddhist? Am I Muslim? Am I Jain? Am I Hindu? Am I Jew? Am I Wiccan? Am I, am I, am I.... Maybe I'm just a bit of everything and nothing at all... Maybe I just am.

I am creation. I am love. I am sustained, for the moment and in complete control... I am, as Peter Tosh sings, that I am.

It is supposed to snow 5-9 inches tonight, which means Provo/Orem will get a light dusting. I hope to get some pictures of the city under the siege of a winter storm this evening... if not, I have the rest of winter.
Tags: bing crosby, candice, christmas, coffee, juice n java, pagan tree, religion, sleeping in, thorn
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