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My snow birkenstocks don't really keep my feet warm (even with these wool socks!), and the tread is wearing thin. I slipped and almost fell on my ass coming into work today. It's a good thing that I have cat-like reflexes (even if they are of an old, retarded cat) or I would have had laid myself out on the sidewalk.

Utah has the greatest snow on earth (that's what the license plates say, anyway). It's a wonder that people don't figure out how to drive in snow. I'm from California (albeit the northern part, in the cascade mountains) and can drive well enough. Slow traffic, accidents and a truck that slid into a tow-truck (which does qualify as an accident too, but it just seemed funny to me) on the way to work. I left on time, but got to work 20 minutes late... snow. I love it!

I weighed 241 this morning. My hope is to get into the 230's by Saturday. I don't want to burn myself out, but it's so much fun to dip into another digit.

I'm having fun this morning... just sitting here, watching the snow fall. God, it's beautiful outside.
Tags: birkenstocks in winter, snow
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