Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Class today...

We found very little ice. Dallen gave a small lecture on the tools needed for ice climbing... I was able to throw a pick into some ice, which was well timed because my feet slipped on the ice I was standing on. There I was, hanging from a pick, with my knees inches above the ground. I must have looked like a fool!

With the snow coming tomorrow and through the weekend it looks like we'll be snowshoeing and ice climbing the next two weeks. We're also supposed to learn how to forecast avalanches.

For the class project I've decided to (well to try, anyway) build a campfire coffee roaster. I have a rough design in my head... It's might not be too hard.

Despite the four mile hike, I am going to go run on the stairmaster in twenty minutes. I've got to be crazy obsessed.
Tags: mountaineering class
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