Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Wait. Wait... I'm just waiting and bored. I suppose I could do something more productive than surf ebay, looking for antique coffee grinder/brewer/roaster stuff. Oh, well... I don't feel like being productive. I am waiting for the hour hand to reach seven. Then I will go work out. As far as my diet goes, I didn't lose any weight since yesterday (and I'm not sure that losing weight is always a good measuring stick, but I don't have much else I can report on). I'm still at 244. It is incredibly difficult to get onto livejournal today... bitch, bitch, bitch...

I know Nicole came into the library last Thursday. She must have done so before I got to work... My head sits right behind the reserve counter and, even with walls, I would have heard her voice. I don't think I can ever trust myself to fall for a girl again. I've never felt like this... It's a strange place and uncomfortably cold.

Maybe I only need someone to hold me.

Went hiking yesterday on the Great Western Trail out of South Fork. I don't know how far (maybe six miles round trip) but the hike lasted almost four hours. God, it was beautiful... Snow capped mountains, clouds rushing through the high valleys, and sweat on my brow... I saw two huge bull elk. Amazing animals. Of course, they saw me first... big, clumsy ape crashing through the woods. I wish I had more time to be out there. Connected.

It's time to go work out. *sigh,* I don't want to expend the energy necessary to sustain the type of workout I know I'm going to have... funny, eh?
Tags: great western trail, hiking, nicole, south fork
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