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Day Six

246 this morning, and I am beat (not like kerouac, more like mike tyson after buster douglas)... I feel good, though... energetic, just sore as hell. I'm at work, or class until seven, at which time (if my body as sufficiently recovered) I will decided whether, or not I will work out. I'm not coming in to school this weekend, so Day Six updates will give into Monday's Day Nine... I think I may go backpacking tomorrow night, but have not settled completely into the idea. It would be nice to sleep next to a fire, and wake up to a cup of cowboy coffee. Therapeutic, if you will... a return to myself. Megan is having a sleep over that night (Biloba will be there... i think). I know she wants me to be there also... but, I'm not sure that I want to be cramped up in a house.

Feeling a bit claustrophobic. Time to get out!
Tags: allen, backpacking, coffee, fire, megan, workout
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