Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

again, last night i was asked what it is i find myself attracted to (physically) in a woman. i once told nicole j. (pictures) that i liked long, brown hair. mistake. i do like long hair. i like brown hair. i like short hair. i like sandy brown hair. i've said, "brown eyes" before too. Last night, I told her... skin. she was worried about her scars.

"no, i think your scars are beautiful." and, i am attracted to them.

when i'm truely attracted to someone, i find myself involved with even those things which might be considered "faults." i try to be sincere when i compliment, but i generally cause eyes to roll...

how do you say, "i'm really attracted to everything about you?" i think she's fantastically sexy. how do you say that, and not feel corny? how do you convince someone that you're not concerned with how their ass looks, how big (or small) their breasts are, or that they might be too short or too tall? how do you say, you're perfect in every way?

why is that so difficult to believe?
Tags: attraction, nicole
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