Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

shepism and i walked over to the art front gallery for open mic (which wasn't poetry, but song) where byu emo kids played guitar. nicole m. (not nicole j. whom i shared pictures of today) and her friend megan met up with us as we stood in the back, watching various people sing different styles...

one kid, in particular... i might have met him years ago, when i ran with some of the local art crowd. he would have been 18, then... was playing interesting diminished chords. the rhythm of his songs seemed simple, but the progression was interesting. I wondered how long he has been playing, and who his influences have been. very punk, in a sebadoh way, but evolved and unpolished. awkward, but exciting. i’d like to hear him play again in a couple of years.

jason left early. the soft, sad music got to him. i left a short while later with nicole and megan. why is it that i find myself attracted to two nicoles? is it the name? at one time in my life, it seemed as if every girl i liked was named sarah...

maybe my obsessive compulsiveness lends itself to the names of people i'm attracted to?

i've had plenty to drink tonight. the fire is warm and the lights dim (again). the house quiet as shepism, biloba and jentle are stowed away (keeping seperate space from me). i'm feeling romantic, but alone. i want someone to hold and to talk to.

the universe is a strange place, indeed. and, we're all but simple expressions of it's emotionless will.

Tags: 2nd nicole, allen, drunk ramblings, jason, jen, love, open mic
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