Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Day Five

Day five in my public diet... acually, it's not much of a diet... it's more like a journal-type documentary of my exercise habits and how much weight I am losing. Woke up this morning around eight (I slept in for an hour and a half), took a pee, and weighed myself. 247. (that's five pounds lost, for those of you who are counting)

I had to turn things over, looking for change this morning (it's payday, but my check wasn't accessable at eight in the morning), in order to have enough money for coffee... That was a success.

Hiked up Rock Canyon afterwords. Roundtrip was about three miles... The trail is all uphill going east, and I didn't stop to catch my breath until I decided to come back down. That's a great improvement over Sunday (when it seemed like I had to stop every five minutes).

I think I may run on the stairmaster for a half hour tonight on my dinner break. I'm not certain though.

I do like losing wieght.
Tags: coffee, diet, hiking, rock canyon
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