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just downloaded the new semagic client (thanks for the tip wickenden) onto my laptop. i like where they're taking this thing...

had coffee, cheese and wine with wickenden, biloba and deano this morning/afternoon. watched the sunset with jared, then jason, biloba, jared and myself went down to the bar to play a few games of pool. watched barry bonds hit a late homerun in the world series, but still lose game two.

saturday was pretty mellow. went to the lake with jason, chris, jane, little fin, ben and john. we ate thai food as the sun went down, then lit a camp fire and watched the moon rise over the mountains. dancevixen left a message on my voice mail, inviting me to comedy sports for an evening of fun, but i didn't get the message until late. i will come down, i promise!!!

friday night was amazing. having felt like shit all week, i drank a few beers, forced myself down to the bar to see 2 and 1/2 white guys and proceeded to dance my ass off for almost four hours. the band played great, the bar was packed... i did got down and dirty on the dance floor with nicole. i was able to work out all the bad steam i had been storing all week.

Tags: 2 and 1/2 white guys, 2nd nicole, allen, chris, dancing, deano, don, fin, good friends, jane, jason
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