Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i washed my sheets last night, took a shower before bed and fell asleep naked. woke warm and unwilling to rise. the beauty of clean, warm flannel sheets between your legs, wrapped tightly across your back, nose peaking out from beneath the covers comfortably drawing fresh air into your lungs...

sometimes, the most beautiful minutes of the day are those between the moments when you have to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock.

floating head, i'm tired. i know i've written about the filth einstein’s bagels will call coffee, but good lord is that shit nasty. unfortunately, those few mornings of the year where i tapped to open the library, i am at the mercy of said establishment as all other coffee shops open at or after seven. yes, this town can be a drag. i would brew my own, but i try to be quiet at six in the morning as my roommates sleep peacefully and a house with hardwood floors has great acoustics.

and, today has been productive as far as work goes. i really would rather do something else, but until i figure out my next move... this is fine. hopefully the haul is short and not deep. another sunset tonight? i do not know... it's nicole's birthday today. she's 26 and, the oldest girl i've ever dated. also, quite possibly, the most insane. she lives in slc, and i might go take her to dinner, probably not. her sister is coming down from montana for a few days, which means my time will come later. nothing new. so, then... saturday will probably be our dinner time.

sunset at the beach again? the other nicole wants to go, but she has guitar lessons with her girlfriend. if i go, she will meet me there.

i need film for my camera
cold beer

these things shall be had soon, as i am off work in a 1/2 hour.
Tags: 2nd nicole, flannel sheets, fresh air, naked sleeping, nicole
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