Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i guess i won't be able to see the sun set for another four days, or so. winter is setting in. the top is now on my jeep, i've agreed to let the pacific storms roll in. nicole rode by on her long board this evening. she is not the nicole with whom i've dated off and on for years, but the nicole whom i once worked with at a greasy burger joint. she once was mormon, but is no longer.

she's bisexual.

"you want to know something that will flip you out," she asked as i sat on my porch, guitar in hand - playing blues rifts, but not blues songs...
"sure," i replied
"all those years at the burger joint, liv was my girlfriend," she told me.


it actually occurred to me that she might be lesbian when she told me that she was no longer lds. but, it didn't occur to me that she could have been dating liv. i went out on dates with liv... never knew. that's too funny.
Tags: 2nd nicole, liv
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