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Day Four

Day four... Ahhh... A little more sore than yesterday. I'm not sure if I will be able to push my workout as hard tonight as I did last night. I may be too out of shape to be pushing my limits so early. I weighed in at 250 this morning, that's two pounds (for those of you who are counting) in four days. I'm fully hydrated, so it's not just water loss... Burn fat, burn!

I walked to the coffee shop again this morning... Some ass thought it was justified to honk his horn at another car at seven in the F'ing morning. Very little traffic, but he was pissed because someone was stopped in front of him, waiting to turn left. I was right next to the damn truck... scared the living shit out of me. I hate traffic, hate horns and hate assholes in the morning.

Drove past the coffee shop on my way to work to gage the distance from my apartment. Round trip, I am taking a 1.3 mile walk in the morning. Maybe I can design a different route, leave a bit earlier, and do 2 miles.

Time to work.
Tags: coffeeshop, horns and assholes, walking
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