Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

you've heard it before: patience is a virtue.

it's the anxiety of not knowing that's killing me. webmd hasn't helped any, but curiosity keeps me logged on, tuned in and searching. and, i am concerned. i don't want to be unhealthy. i don't want to be sick and i definately am not ready to die. i want to know what's wrong with me, i want to adapt and move onward.

and, inside of my unknown, exists the possability that i am, medically speaking, healthy. i'm not sure that something is wrong, but do know that i have a high tolerance for pain and have a tendancy to not listen to my body. i always operate under the belief that pain, or sickness is in my head - that i'm fabricating what i feel, just by thinking about it. that's why it has taken me almost 2 years of not feeling well to see the doctor.

patience... everything will be okay.
Tags: anxiety, depression, doctor
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