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Just got in from my mountaineering class.

Dallan took the day to show students how easy it is to eat well while backpacking. It was a bit excessive... pizza, cookies, burritos, pasta salad, etc (and that's just what he made). The students were assigned to groups of two, or three and had to plan, cook and eat their own meals. I took my roommate and Amber into my group. We had wild mushroom cous cous with red, green and yellow peppers and a yellow onion. For an appetizer we had cheese and jalepeno rolls with humus... not something you'd want to pack for a really long hike, but easy for a hike of a day or two. Some other groups did french toast (which was odd, because they brought a 12 pack of eggs... I'm not sure that an egg would last any hike without succumbing to the forces of a shifting and jarring pack), or rice a roni... just didn't seem too inventive to me. I think my meal was the most delicious (no contest). I'm proud.

Now, I'm waiting for it to digest so I can go run on the stairmaster. Wait, wait, wait....
Tags: backpacking, eating, mountaineering class
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