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last night i watched the sun set over west mountain from the sandy beaches of utah lake. little fin and i walked the beach, collecting clam and snail shells. jason ran out onto the lake, one hundred yards and only ankle deep. jane would drop scientific names on plants and fish, and chris told me how there were 22 different native mussels in utah lake before the mormon settlers and now there are none.

i read once that the native americans would fish the lake with nets, pulling thousands out - feeding their own.

as i turned my head in a survey of the surrounding valley, i couldn't help but notice the dyke on which the road that carried us to the lake was concealing every city from lehi to payson. and, as i stood there in awe of the mountains glowing from the setting sun, i felt connected to past existence. not my own, but one that belonged to people two hundred years ago. a raw, unforgiving existence which would expose the weak as such.

we had to leave shortly after the sun set as the cold wind pushing across the lake set into our bones only to reveal the nature of our present existence. driving quickly into town, jason and i stopped at the coffee shop for cappuccinos, on the way to scott abbott's for a philosophy department party.

ice cooled indian pale ales, coronas, wines, fine scotch and a few olympias in a warm house with local intellectuals.

the worried news is the coming of a new president at the school. the fear is that the regents will hire a non-academic to quiet the liberal arts crowd. people are divided on the possibilities. i believe the school has taken far too many steps towards the liberal arts to be neglected. every thing is going to be alright...

if it ever was.

thank god for warm houses, warm people and cool beers. we have it so easy.

i'm going to throw my shoes on now and take a walk around the block. it's almost time to call it a night, but i have some steam to burn and the evening temperature is too nice to let go unfelt.
Tags: academic parties, chris, fin, jane, laryn, scott, utah lake
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