Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

i'm sleeping better than i ever have, but have a headache. these fluorescent lights are killing me. i need to remove the two positioned directly over my work space...

i've been looking for guitar tab for charles brown's "Merry Christmas, Baby." Does anyone know where I can find that online (for free)?

Was going to hang with Nicole tonight, but she made other plans. I just don't understand her and relationships are too difficult for me. I give up.

I've only had one beer this week (wednesday). It occurred to me that I was drinking a lot of beer because I cannot satisfy my thirst for liquids and I get tired of drinking water all day long (I've also taken to drinking sodas, which I have mostly avoided for years). There have been nights where I've sat down to 18, or more beers... just drinking to keep up with my thirst. I just can't do that to my body.

I am worried about the thirst. I thought it could be diabetes, but the doctor didn't think I had the signs. I don't have typical diabetic caused varicose veins in my legs, nor do i urinate at night. However, Cancer can cause an unquenchable thirst. I don't think the blood tests I donated for yesterday will be looking for cancer. I'll ask him about that when he calls me with the results.
Tags: drink too much, health worries
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