Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

wtf -

i swear to god there are two distinctly different people living in my head sometimes. there's the one who absolutely loves who i am and the other who can't stand who i am.

they're polar opposites... and the one who hates me causes a slew of internal problems which lead to external difficulties... the embarrassing part is that i know the me that gets depressed, is self depreciating, and generally an ass to be around. i know that "me" to (generally speaking) be a short-term occupant of my body and that, when i wake in the morning, i'll feel fine.

for me, getting depressed is usually a symptom of not enough sleep. i slept for 10 hours last night (had some catching up to do) and feel fine. i knew, last night as i wrote in l.j. and composed a few e-mails, that was the case. i should have gone to sleep and left things alone.

now... to contact those whom i may have worried with my e-mails last night.
Tags: depression, the second me
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