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Slept with the box fan, against the open window, on and pointed directly at me. Woke at 7, didn't want to get out from under my warm comforter... and could see my breath rise in front of me. It was a cold 50 degrees this morning.

Wore pants and my winter jacket for the ride to work. Stopped at the car wash to vacuum six inches of water out of my little red jeep. If today is clear and warm (to dry out the still damp floors) I will winterize my vehicle, by putting the top back on, this evening. This evening I will be video taping my cousin's hockey practice (he plays goalie for the byu team)... winter is right around the corner.

Jocelin and I are listening Christmas music in the office. Claudine has heard that snow should be in the mountains by the end of the week. I know it's early, but after a long, hot and dry summer, I am ready for all the rain/snow/bad ass weather we can get.

This is my mountaineering class from last October. We were learning how to forecast avalanches.

Tags: christmas music, claudine, jocelin, missing photos, snow
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