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Day Three

I'm sore this morning... I guess I am getting a bit older. Last night's workout would not have phased me a bit a couple of years ago. My legs are tight, and I had a slight "my muscles are sore" waddle this morning as I walked to the coffee shop. On my way home I could feel the tightness loosen up a bit. I had a big dinner last night, but still woke at 251. That's one pound off... who knows how many more to go.

I have a mountaineering class this afternoon. I'm not sure what sort of activity Dallan has planned. In case it isn't aerobic (hiking), I brought clothes to work out in this evening. I have a feeling that he is going to teach us out to pack light, but cook good. I hope he isn't planning on pork and beans... often people assume everyone in a group eats meat. I wonder if I should bring a bottle of wine?
Tags: mountaineering class, sore, vegetarianism, wine
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