Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

on the stereo, as dim lights warm the house: miles davis: kind of blue - one of the greatest albums of all time

wickenden's reception (his daughter's wedding) was beautiful His daughter was stunning, while her husband handsome... live music by Zion Tribe and people danced on grass as white lights and oil lamps illuminated the landscape perfectly. All of d's planning (and stress) made the most memorable evening - his daughter and her groom are extremely lucky to have had such an amazing setting... At the reception, I met psilly, qzed, and one other person (because i'm bad with names, I hope someone will remind me). jentle has pictures, which I will post as soon as they become available...

biloba, who is a certified priest/bishop/holy man, married the two and, i was told, as i was not there to witness it myself, did an amazing job.

Now, back to my Sierra Nevada Bigfoot barley wine...
Tags: allen, don, jen, reception recap, weddings, zion tribe
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