Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

sitting at home. beer to my left, miles davis through speakers to my right, olives sitting next to my phone and i'm surfing e-bay in an effort to land a used 4-track recorder. i'd like to record my sounds... whatever that means.

J. and biloba are out of town this evening and the house belongs to me. silence. i thought of inviting people over, but that would be a waste of a grand solitary oppertunity. bouteloua is on her way out from california, where she's been spending time with her soon to be H-man. i hope she gets here friday - which would be tomorrow - as i am planning a weekend trip into the mountains with N. of course, she might not be able to go - her sister is moving to portland, oregon to earn a certification in some sort of yoga...

all is well... i'll follow that river, follow that river down...
Tags: allen, jason, megan, miles davis, nicole
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