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slept until 11:00, when the sounds of bjork came blasting into my room from a room elsewhere... oddly enough, i didn't care. i kept under sheets in awe of my non-annoyed reaction to the violation of peace... shortly afterwards jared stopped by to borrow my phone. only then, after being assaulted by his high-energy negativity, did i my mood start to sour.

jared and i spent last night in spanish fork at grant's lounge, listening (i danced) to 2 and 1/2 white guys. they have a new sax player, who is really talented, but doesn't attack the music like the previous guy. it was more difficult to dance to, but i still had a good time. lindsay kept dragging me out, told me how cute i was, grabbed my cheeks... maybe kissed me there (i couldn't tell...). i think it was annoying her boyfriend.

biloba and i helped jason put his basketball hoop up this morning. i took some pictures and might post them at a later point.

that's it. lunch is ready. couscous.

Tags: 2 and 1/2 white guys, allen, jared, kiss, lindsay
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