Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

almost moved in...

broke back, arms i can barely lift, but the spirit is still strong. woke at 7 am, moved bed and a few items, then went for coffee. sitting in front of the coffee shop was a beautiful girl with long, black hair and glowing smile but spoke of financial woes as she had just spent her last bit of money on an artist who needed cash to cover rent. sell plasma, borrow money on the title of her car, become hari krishna - scattered soul, i think i love her.

spent the rest of the morning moving large, heavy things around, down the stairs and over to the house.

at ten till two, as i ran down the stairs, late for work, the landlady stopped me, "i need you out within the hour."

eh heh.

i'm going to work. sorry -

so, i still have big shit to move. fortunately, i don't have to do it alone. my just-ex roommate will help me move that stuff out. and, i have plenty of little things all over. then, must clean....

will it ever end?
Tags: jared, moving
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