Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

a room

jason has been kind enough to offer a bedroom in his house for $275 a month. it's not the solitude i was so desperately in search of, but it's a means to finding a more perfect place. the room is rented to me with out a deposit, and i will be able to save a bit more money in order to get into a place that i'm really happy with. hopefully, i will only be in jason's house for a few months - but, we'll see.

positives: phone line - so I will be able to spend even more time online (hmmm?), there's a porch door to my room - so all those wonderful women who wish to visit me in the still of the night may do so without waking other occupants in the house, the kitchen is large, and the house has a fireplace. oh, change of scenery ought to mentioned here as well.

drawbacks: no solitude, as i will be sharing the house with jason and biloba. i don't know any women who will frequent me in the night (so the porch door will not be put to good use), little storage and no closet.
Tags: allen hill, call's house
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