Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,


Sitting at my parent's bar, drinking a Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer, doing laundry, thinking shower and eagerly waiting for the right hour to claim a vehicle from my mom in order to drive down to Redding to visit my brother. My flight here was a pain in the ass. Canceled flight, missed connections, spilled tomato juice on the girl sitting next to me (who was in her first hour of a 24 hour trip to Greece). The journey was longer than if I had driven... Thank you, United Airlines! In other news:

I need to purchase a pair of hiking boots and a hat to keep the sun off...

Marie is coming down from Bend, Oregon tomorrow. I'll spend the day visiting with her.

Wednesday I will try the nude bath in Burney Creek again. I tried yesterday, but after running my pop's truck through a multitude of manzanita bushes and nearly off a cliff, my heart wasn't into it. If all goes well, I will be spotted by either a black bear, bigfoot, or any random logger (who would most definitely tell his lumber pals about his run in with a nekid tree-huggin' hippie down the cre'k).

The week is already flying by.
Tags: burney creek, marie, nude bathing, sierra nevada wheat, travel problems, vacation
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