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Days like today make life worth living. And it was all very simple... a walk, a cup of coffee, beautiful people, and abstract, but practical ideas tossed about in my little (huge) head (brain).
In other news, I think that it's a good thing that St. Augustine came up with the "think therefor I am" bullshit, because Descartes was an asshole... I'm relieved to know that he was not a Coors man (original, Coors).
So, how could something as insulting to the palate as Coors use originality as a selling point? Are we really stupid enough to buy into that image? At least Olympia resorts to making excuses for it's gawd awful beverage, "It's the water," they tell us. Hey, it's on the packaging. That's a shitty beer I can respect.
Matt's rule to life number one : if you have to drink cheap, shitty beer, drink the most honest beer out there... Olympia, "hey, man... don't blame us! It's the water."
Tags: beautiful people, coffee, coors beer, descartes, ideas, olympia beer, st. augustine
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